I’m Carole Ruiz, and I’ve made this website to introduce myself, share about my past work experience, and explain why I think I should be the next Hamilton County Clerk.

I live in Speculator, NY and am currently the Personnel Assistant in the Hamilton County Personnel Office since November of 2022. I have lived in the Lake Pleasant area for over 4 years and in the Adirondacks for 11 years since August of 2011. My children attend Lake Pleasant Central School, and we love living here. It is our home and community.

I am running to be your next Hamilton County Clerk, and life has given me the experience and skill sets needed to meet the demands and needs of this office. I am organized, a quick learner, a hard worker, and excellent at solving problems.

Where I’m from

I was born and raised in South Jersey by my mom, along with my sister and brother. Unfortunately, we lost our dad to cancer when I was only five. However, my mother showed me how to rise up under adversity, work hard to provide and care for my family, and to be honest and kind. We didn’t come from much, and life had its challenges, but we had each other, and I had a happy childhood.

Past work experience

I began my work career in my family doctor’s office at the age of 14 and worked in a local dog grooming shop throughout high school. After graduating from Baptist High School as Salutatorian with a 4.0 GPA, I began working part time as a bank teller at Commerce Bank while attending the local Community College in 2002. I consistently balanced my cash box, handled many large commercial transactions (as we were in a very commercial area next to the Cherry Hill Mall), and was well trusted by my managers. Through this job, I was recruited by a bankruptcy attorney to work in his office. I quickly moved up from secretary to Legal Assistant in just a few months upon starting, and I was only 19 years old.

As a Legal Assistant, I prepared petitions for clients, filed them electronically with the Camden County courts, answered motions and settled cases over the phone with the opposing attorneys. In addition, I was responsible for bringing in new clients, answering their questions, handling their case filings, making their appointments with the attorney, and helping them prepare for court. In 2005, I completed my Associate of Arts degree at Camden County College and earned membership in the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. After graduation, I wanted to better myself further, so I left the attorney’s office to return to college full time and get my bachelor’s degree.

In 2007, I graduated from Davis College in Binghamton, NY with my bachelor’s degree in international studies as Summa Cum Laude. I began working as a partner in a website design and virtual tour LLC in December of that year for the next 12 years. I traveled and photographed many businesses, universities, and places of attraction like aquariums, museums, and casinos. I was responsible for handling our accounting records, building and designing the clients’ websites and virtual tour infrastructure, and most correspondence with the clients regarding scheduling, needs, design, and payment. I was additionally responsible for preparing quotes and invoices.

In September of 2020, I became the Manager of the Lake Pleasant Lodge in Speculator, NY. I was entrusted with all aspects of daily operations, staff, marketing and customer relations. I oversaw renovations to the motel rooms, including installing keycode entry locks and merging to a new reservation system. I built a more substantial online presence (through web design, social media marketing, a greater Google presence, especially in Google reviews and email correspondence) and significantly increased overall sales. I was responsible for all reservations, guest needs, communications, ordering, hiring and scheduling of staff, and property maintenance. As manager, I showed guests and staff respect and kindness first and foremost and was the heart of the Lake Pleasant Lodge.

Why County Clerk?

I feel very strongly and excited about running for Hamilton County Clerk. I have concerns over many of the current staff getting close to retirement and no one else there who knows the office to take their place. My past experiences have given me the tools and knowledge to learn the duties and responsibilities of this position quickly and efficiently. The County Clerk role is essential to all Hamilton County residents, and I am the best fit.

I am prepared to show up, learn the office, work hard, and get things done efficiently and on time. My management, customer service, money handling, computer skills, and law experience will all help me run this office and provide you with excellent service you need as Hamilton County residents.

I will be going around Hamilton County to meet residents because I understand it’s hard to vote for someone you don’t know. I hope to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me directly via email or phone. Additionally, I would like to hold meet and greet gatherings and would happily schedule an event in your town. Please contact me if you are interested in helping make that happen.

I am a Hamilton County resident, just like you, and I want to see our county thriving, improving, and here for future generations to come! Let’s move forward together for the betterment of Hamilton County.